• 73/Kleiner Donner (map)
  • Schulterblatt 73
  • 20357 Hamburg

Since their 2004 debut, True Nature Unfolds, Callisto have sought out new ground in the post-metal genre. Now, the band have returned after five years of relatively quiet existence with a new single for Svart Records, entitled Backbone and available at all digital outlets, with the fourth album, Secret Youth, set to be released on January 30th, 2015, also through Svart Records. The first new material since 2009’s Providence, the Backbone single represents Callisto's current approach well. Never wanting to record the same album twice and always eager to experiment, the band members themselves describe the new material as “progressive noise rock” - a contradictory concoction of easier, more straightforward elements in the same melting pot with a youthful, experimental spirit.