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Kleiner Donner präsentiert The Emily Brothers

The Emily Brothers are a Scottish/German guitar band based in Hamburg. They are an eclectic mix of musicians and their sound reflects that - it's loud, weird, dark, melodic, heavy on the rhythm, and heavy on everything else too. Perfect for dancing - if you like dancing to that kind of thing.

Just back from their first British music festival (The Beautiful Days in Devon) where they brought their late night music for late night people to a couple of thousand wet campers who had just woken up, they are now looking to rock your club/festival/Betriebsfest/pathetic corporate event – delete as applicable.

„Imagine half of Black Sabbath and the other half of Shellac fronted by Captain Beefheart in a bad mood playing a „History of Rock“ night in a Las

Vegas casino. Go on, imagine it. I dare you.“

Completely made up quote.

Vvk. €8,- zzgl Vvk. Gebühren
Ak.  €10,-


Einlass: 19 Uhr
Beginn: 20 Uhr